Food Travel Trip to Accra : 3 dishes and 3 restaurants to try !

In this Food and travel guide to Accra, I recommend these 3 dishes and 3 restaurants to try in Accra. I based it on my recent trip back home last month and my past experiences. As a reminder I spent a significant part of my life in Accra from Kindergarten to Secondary School. I even […]

6 tea ingredients with unexpected usages

mint main ingredients unexpected usages

Let’s talk about tea ingredients that have unexpected usages. You should all know by now that I am passionate about healthy and natural techniques for the body and everyday life. I like to refer to my mother and grandmother’s beauty techniques. This is what I showed in the video on the charcoal lemonade versus the […]

5 aphrodisiac ingredients to cook on Valentine’s day

Honey the aphrodisiac ingredient for valentine's day

It’s that time of the year when love is in the air, why don’t we cook some aphrodisiac ingredients? The current context has made it more difficult to find what to do for Valentine’s day dinner. While my husband would argue that it’s a commercially fabricated holiday, I have always loved this special day! My […]

3 things to look for when choosing your afternoon teatime

choosing your afternoon teatime

We all know the afternoon tea is not a new concept; people have recently been enjoying it more and more for several reasons. Most importantly, there is a desire to move away from society’s defined breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Especially because depending on your schedules, you may not be available on these time slots. Like […]

5 tips to master food photography for beginners

food photography for beginners

Based on my personal experiences, I will give you my 5 advices to nail your food photography for beginners. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to post nice foodie pictures on Instagram. In fact, this applies to people using a phone or any kind of camera. Food Photography tip 1 : Lighting This […]