My name is


My passion for food was born at home. I grew up in Accra (Ghana) with my mother who was a caterer. Rich and tasty food was normal to me. It’s only when i left a couple of years later to study in France that I realize what I was missing. This even pushed me to create the first culinary association in my Business school ! 

After graduating, I had a couple of 9 to 5 jobs in Finance for almost ten years. During all this time, I kept an interest for culinary shows, new restaurants opening cooking workshops basically anything that had to do with food. 

What is Xtel the foodie ?

Initially, I created a blog and an Instagram account called Xtelthefoodie to share my culinary discoveries in 2016. I had the opportunity to travel the world and visit new countries and continents. That is when I realize that food is a main part of community’s culture. You can learn a lot about a population’s mentality just by seeing how and what they eat, and this is what i wanted to share ! 

When we got hit by the pandemic, I was put on furlough. With the extra time, I reassessed what I really wanted to do for a living and what would make me happy. That is when I decided to reopen my account and professionalize it. If I learned one thing during these difficult times is that life is short and you don’t know what tomorrow is made of, so make everyday count. 

Today, I want to go further by making Xtel the foodie a brand that shares my experiences but also provides other products and services like food photography, recipes or workshops. 

What are my goals ?

Through my range of products and services that I offer, I am hoping to raise people’s culinary curiosity and make them eager to travel more. My absolute dream is to push the rest of the world to open their eyes on the beautiful African gastronomy, and to inspire my fellow Africans by making them want to discover new tastes through some of the beautiful dishes they’ve seen in my pictures. 

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