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Join this exclusive and unique 7 days food retreat to discover and enjoy the Ghanaian gastronomy in the bustling city of Accra !

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Imagine waking up in a comfortable bed, located in a boutique hotel that has exotic surroundings. Every day, you participate in exclusive culinary activities with other foodies and share delicious dishes as well as memorable moments. It’s so much fun that you leave wanting for more !

What is the Foodie trip to Accra ?

This group retreat to Accra (the capital of Ghana) will immerse you in unique and authentic culinary experiences handpicked by the host Christelle.

Dates : 21/11/21 - 27/11/21

Host : Christelle

Group Size : 10

Type of travel : Food

On a typical day in this foodie trip to Accra, splurge into the mosaic of colors, shapes, scents, and aromas on a market tour. You will discover new ingredients like garden eggs or cocoyam.

Then, you will try out your cooking skills by preparing some local dishes like jollof rice.

Why should you join the trip ?

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Time saved

It’s an all-inclusive trip (accommodation and activities, all you have to do is arrive in Accra

Food beyond taste

During each activity, we will focus on understanding the local gastronomy and how it defines the country’s identity

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Meet other foodies

Each activity is handpicked and designed by the host to ensure have a global overview of the Ghanaian gastronomy

A safe trip

Accra is one of the safest capital in the region, and all required local safety measures will be applied

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What's the trip's schedule ?

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This trip is perfect for you if :

You are stressed from work or by the current context and really wish you could travel to reset, relax and learn new things.

Travel and food are your passions but you do not have the time to plan a proper trip that will give you an overview of the local culture in a country that has never been to

You haven’t had the opportunity to travel to Ghana because you do not know anyone or you do not have any references but wish you could learn about it

You would like to learn more about African gastronomy and feel it has been underrepresented in the world.

Meet the host

 Christelle is an African travel foodie that built her passion and her knowledge through her numerous travels these last 5 years. Her love for food was born at home by watching her mother cooking and catering for big clients. As for her eagerness to discover more international gastronomies, it came later as she was traveling to new countries, tasting new flavors and dishes. These delicious memories shaped her to become the curious and opened minded person that she is today. Her dream is to propose culinary trips that will transform travelers into world foodies and mark their memories forever.

What others are saying about traveling with me



“Traveling with Christelle is a whole experience, from the food to the accommodation you will be surprised in a good way.

She pays attention to details, and will always pick the thing to do. She always takes into account your needs and expectations during the trip, and she makes sure everyone is having fun and enjoying the journey.

She is such a cool person and she always has something fun to say.

On top of that, she has a great culinary culture and knows well about food, either street food or a more sophisticated menu.

Something is for sure, traveling with Christelle is an adventure for your body and your spirit that you will never forget, and as soon as you are back you can’t wait to book the next one with her of course.”

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  • Accommodation
  • Transport (from and to activities)
  • 2 meals per day
  • 1 activity per day

*Other packages are available for more comfort

Payment plans available

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

If you come from abroad, they are many airline companies that land in Accra. If you are coming from Lomé Lagos Cotonou or Abidjan, you can come by car or bus.

All activities are planned in such a way that you would have some free time to do some tourism or just relax.

Accra is one of the safest cities in Africa. But just like most big cities we will stay careful and make sure to always stay in a group.

Yes, payment plans can be arranged directly with the host. There is a 25% deposit to secure the spot and the rest can be spread.

Yes, for each activity, the focus will be on plant-based ingredients. There will also be vegan options for seated experiences.

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