6 hotels and restaurants in Lomé (Togo) for foodies


Sharing my selection of best hotels and restaurants for foodies in Lomé makes me a little emotional. In fact, I’m sharing a bit of who I am with you guys. Even though I grew up in Ghana, my parents lived most of their lives in Togo. Basically,  I was raised in the Togolese culture. Furthermore, […]

3 Best Staycation food ideas

Staycation food ideas

I think it’s the perfect time to list some staycation food ideas! It’s no news that we are being hit by the second wave of Covid-19 and some countries are back on lockdown (my Canadian friends, I have you on my mind!).  Therefore, I am bringing back a concept that was very popular a few months […]

My three must try cool restaurants in Nice


Another trip I did this summer was a week in Nice with my friends. I had not been on a girl’s trip in such a long time, so it was really cool! I used this opportunity to plan a couple of restaurants for content creation (read my article on 4 rules to apply for a peaceful work trip with family and friends as a travel foodie blogger). As a result, just like I did for Berlin, check out my article 3 trendy restaurants to try for a perfect foodie day in Berlin) here is my perfect foodie day in Nice: