3 trendy restaurants to try for a perfect foodie day in Berlin


In the month of July my family and I spent a couple of days in Berlin. We flew in from Zurich so it was quite fast. We had both never been and were quite surprised about this fact as it so close to Switzerland ! 

Berlin is such a vibrant and versatile coty ; I felt the spirit in each restaurant we went ! They break the codes of gastronomy and challenge the status quo, that is what I love so much about the foodie scene in Berlin ! 

Speaking of which, after checking-in our hotel, we walked to our first stop which is also the first must try trendy restaurant on my list : 

Have Brunch at BENEDICT


The name refers of course to eggs benedict which is a famous breakfast made of two halves of an English muffin topped with grilled bacon, poached eggs and a hollandaise. This restaurant is opened 24/7 and offers several options of benedicts ! We went for the sloppy joe (ground beef) and the roya (smoked salmon) . All benedict come with a salad and a of mimosa cocktail to pick from a list of flavors, we went for the peach and lichee. But what i preferred were the pancakes ! I can legitimately say they are the best I’ve ever had although I am not quite sure I can qualify them as pancakes ! They were very moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside ! We picked the blackberry pancakes with white chocolate sauce and as I am typing this my mouth is literally watering. This place is a must ! 


Have a late Lunch at BRLO


BRLO is basically a brewhouse.! The place has two areas. An opened garden space where some vendors have opened their little kiosks and are selling food and drinks, and the BRLO outside restaurant earea for which you have to pick you main dish which are grilled vegetable based, your sides and your condiments which are meat dishes ! 

It’s usually the other way around so it was quite interesting. And obviously the food and beers are really good so make sure you go there with an empty  stomach (by the way when you come from the metro make sure you turn right others you will walk for 10 minutes instead of 2 !). 

Have a late in CODA

After all this food you need something light, so I advise you end the night with the late-night dessert tasting menu at Coda. Not only have I never heard of such a concept, but I think it’s a very good idea to start the night slowly without being bloated. All meals were dairy, eggs and gluten free, the staff were very polite and well trained (it felt a bit too military at times). What I noticed was that the kitchen space was bigger than the restaurant space, which shows how serious they take their cookin. We were seated at the bar located between both areas so we could see everything happening in the kitchen. The organization was almost mechanical (reminds me of what we use to call the Bayern Munich, the German machine !). Every time a dish was plated, they cleaned the station and started over again, quite impressive. The whole experience felt like an experiment and I was happy to have taken part of it ! 

I hope you at pick at least one of this three restaurants to try ! One this is for sure you will be the same after going to Berlin. 

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