My three must try cool restaurants in Nice


Another trip I did this summer was a week in Nice with my friends. I had not been on a girl’s trip in such a long time, so it was really cool! I used this opportunity to plan a couple of restaurants for content creation (read my article on 4 rules to apply for a peaceful work trip with family and friends as a travel foodie blogger). As a result, just like I did for Berlin, check out my article 3 trendy restaurants to try for a perfect foodie day in Berlin) here is my perfect foodie day in Nice:

5 tricks to prepare your next travel foodie trip

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As a black travel foodie, I want my Instagram page to look the most aesthetic as possible with finger licking dishes as well as some travel and cocktail pictures. Basically, anyone who scrolls through my page should feel a glimpse of what I’ve experienced through my trip and want to do the same. So how do I make that happen?